Costco chicken plant to open after Labor Day, hold opening ceremony in October


Source: Fremont Tribune

A new Costco poultry processing complex on the south side of Fremont will open after Labor Day and hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony in October.

The plant, run by Lincoln Premium Poultry, will provide Costco with 2 million chickens each week. The multi-million dollar project has been under construction since 2017.

Jessica Kolterman, spokeswoman for Lincoln Premium Poultry, said operations will begin on Sept. 3, with the first bird being processed that day.

“We will start our first line that day and we’ll make sure all the equipment is operating in tandem with each other, all the machines have to talk to each other,” she said. “We’ll work out that technology, and then by the end of the day, we should have products that will be ready for outbound to wherever it’s headed.”

The plant also plans to have around 500 employees by the end of August before it begins operations, Kolterman said.

“Considering we started the year with probably around 30 or 40 employees, that’s been quite the growth pattern,” she said.

Operations will begin with a 45-week ramp-up period of time, starting with a first line that will gradually increase in speed once kinks are worked out, Kolterman said. Once the line is at full speed, the second and third lines will begin before moving onto the second shift.

The third shift, which includes maintenance and sanitation, will begin once the first two shifts have been completed. Although this shift is not part of the process, it gets everything ready to begin the next day, Kolterman said.

The plant will have a grand opening celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony on Oct. 19. Kolterman said there will be a portion of the day dedicated to letting the public view the new facility.


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