Small Poultry Flock Owners Supported by new On-line Learning Modules and Podcasts


With funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), the Poultry Industry Council is supporting the development of an online poultry video and podcast training program in animal welfare basics, production efficiencies and minimizing poultry health risks that students will be able to complete at their own pace.

The goal is to showcase best management practices for bio-security, production, human health and animal welfare and demonstrate that they’re the same regardless of the size of a flock.

Long-time poultry veterinarian Scott Gillingham is featured prominently in the series of videos and podcasts. Using his years of expertise as a poultry veterinary specialist and his own experience with poultry, he focuses each module on a different aspect of what he calls the poultry “law of FLAWS”: food, light, air, water and security.

“Backyard flocks are a fast-growing hobby and people are hungry for premium information that is credible – the videos and podcasts filmed in local barns, coops and yards let Dr. Gillingham be a virtual coach to anyone with a small poultry flock right in the comfort of their own homes,” he says.

Backyard poultry flocks are growing in popularity in Ontario. Many small flock owners have launched into raising their own meat and eggs without any previous farming skills or husbandry knowledge in how to best look after the birds in their care. The Poultry Industry Council is leading the initiative, with Ontario Independent Meat Processors supporting the funding application.

The Poultry Industry Council (PIC) is a non-profit corporation which effectively delivers poultry extension services, event coordination, and project and program management while supporting research capacity for the betterment of the Ontario industry. Visit Poultry Industry Council’s website: www.poultryindustry for additional information. Click Here to be taken directly to Web-page.


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