USDA Weekly Egg Price and Inventory Report, June 20th 2019.

  • Hen Numbers in Production Unchanged at 329.6 million.
  • Shell Inventory Unchanged Following a 7.9 Percent Decrease in the Previous Week.
  • USDA Midwest Benchmark Generic Prices for Extra Large up on Average 40 Percent and Mediums up 10 Percent Compared to the Past Week.
  • Price of Breaking Stock and Checks Up 21 Percent and 67 Percent Respectively. Both Categories Substantially Below Cost of Production



According to the USDA Egg Market News Reports posted on June 17 th the Midwest wholesale prices for Extra Large, and Large were higher by 39.2 and 40.0 percent respectively. Mediums were up 10.1 percent compared to the past week but mediums continued below production cost. The progression of prices during 2019 is depicted in the USDA chart reflecting three years of data, updated weekly.

The June 17th USDA Egg Market News Report (Vol. 66: No. 24) documented a USDA Combined Region value rounded to the nearest cent, of $0.53 per dozen delivered to warehouses for the week ending June 10 th and reflects the sharply lower early summer prices during that week despite lower stock levels for three out of four consecutive weeks. This average price lags current Midwest weekly values by one week. The USDA Combined range for Large in the Midwest was $0.48 per dozen, below the cost of production. At the high end of the range, price in the South Central and Northeast Regions attained $0.56 per dozen. The USDA Combined Price last week was $0.89 per dozen below the three-year average and $1.01 per dozen below the corresponding week in 2018.



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