Increased profitability in animal production: EW Nutrition launches new comprehensive programs for the American market at IPPE


To support customers with effective solutions in animal production, EW Nutrition introduces the programs for Antibiotic Reduction, Toxin Risk Management and Young Animal Nutrition in poultry and swine. These programs contribute to solving the problem of antibiotic resistance by minimizing the input of antibiotics in animal production. In addition to innovative products the programs include customized consultancy services in the fields of animal nutrition, management and biosecurity.

At IPPE, EW Nutrition will present the latest programs to reduce antibiotic use in broiler, broiler breeder and turkeys as well as in swine. A program to manage the toxin risk in poultry and swine will also be introduced. One part of the programs is innovative products supporting gut and liver health, mitigating the impact of myco- and bacterial toxins and reducing the incidence of diarrhea in young animals. The other part is formed by consultancy services tailored to the needs of the customers.

The goals of the poultry programs are:

  • stabilization of performance throughout the whole cycle
  • constant high numbers of high quality chicks
  • a reduced variety between flocks
  • improved weight gain and feed conversion.

For swine

  • heavy and homogeneous piglets at the end of the nursery phase
  • optimum number of weaned piglets per sow
  • high and uniform weight gain
  • improved feed conversion.


MARK RICHARDS, President of EW Nutrition USA

“We are convinced that the reduction of antibiotic use is the best way to reduce antibiotic resistance. With our comprehensive programs we support integrators, farmers and animals in coping with challenges occurring in animal production while increasing customers’ profitability.”

About EW Nutrition: EW Nutrition is a dynamic company, globally active with a strong science-based product portfolio in the field of functional, innovative feed & food additives. EW Nutrition focusses on programs for Animal Nutrition and Farm Solutions. With headquarter in Northern Germany, EW Nutrition has subsidiaries all over the world and R&D and production facilities in Germany, Brazil, United States and Japan.

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