Flock Awards Recognize Top Ross Performance


Winners excel in husbandry, leadership and commitment

Ross® customers continue to impress with their star performance. To honor those who, through best management practices, have achieved outstanding breeding performance, Aviagen recently presented the 2018 Flock Awards. In separate ceremonies led by Aviagen representatives, the winners were given an engraved crystal egg to honor their accomplishments.

Categories of excellence

Evaluated based on 2018 flock records, Ross 708 and Ross 308 performance is awarded in the categories of:

 Top eggs produced per hen housed to 65 weeks  Top hatching eggs produced per hen housed to 65 weeks  Top hatch (based on a percentage) to 65 weeks  Top chicks produced per hen housed to 65 weeks

To be eligible, a farm complex must submit all records of depleted flocks received from Aviagen for the previous year, with a minimum requirement of six flocks.

In addition to rewarding the hard work of these producers, the aim of the Flock Award program is to offer customers the depleted flock information to be used as benchmarking data.

Ross performance at its best

Aviagen began the Flock Award program in 2014 to celebrate the skill and dedication of its valued Ross customers. Since then, Aviagen has expanded the program with a greater number of achievement categories.

“The story of our North American Ross customers is one of growth and success, as we continue to see year-on-year performance increases. We congratulate this year’s winners and commend their talent in stockmanship and teamwork,” remarked Randall Vickery, Aviagen’s Regional Technical manager.

Aviagen’s VP of Sales Frank Dougherty added that the North American customer support team cares about their customers and devote time and energy to add value to their businesses.

“We’re committed to helping our customers stay competitive by continually improving on past success. Aviagen makes ongoing investments in our breeding program. Our team shares the latest developments, and works hand-in-hand with our customers to design a master plan for optimizing the genetic potential of Ross birds. It is the skilful management and attention to detail of our customers, combined with the close collaboration of our team that makes the winning performance of our Flock Award recipients possible.”

Presenting the 2018 award winners

Many of this year’s high achievers are repeat winners from 2017. This year, first and second place champions were recognized with gold and silver awards for Ross 708. Ross 308 winners received gold awards, while the silver category will be added as more flocks are sold.

2018 Ross 708 award winners


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