Lincoln Premium Poultry Comments on Career Open House In Fremont And Foreign Visa Workers Moving Into Area


Source: KTI Radio

The chicken processing plant under construction in Fremont that will serve Costco is set to  open in September.  Jessica Kolterman, with Lincoln Premium Poultry talks with Rick Vincent about a couple of career open houses in May and comments on foreign visa workers,  who sub-contractors will be bringing  in to help with construction of chicken barns in the area, many of whom are expected to rent housing in West Point .  Click on  podcast tab above to hear interview.

The career open house  will be May 13th and 14th from 8 till 8 at Christensen Field and May 18th from 10 till 4 at Holiday Inn Express in Fremont.

Kolterman says they’ll need around 500 chicken barns to supply them with enough chickens to process.  Those barns are owned by the farmers.  But sub-contractors are bringing in the necessary work force to construct them and help install equipment over the next two years.  QC Supply out of Schuyler is the general contractor. Some sub-contractors are expected to bring in workers from other countries on  a visa program to provide the needed work force.   They may work not only on the Costco project but other construction projects in the region in need of construction workers as well, especially after the flood.

Several properties in West Point have been targeted  by a private company, Nightcap Management, to provide rental housing for the visa workers.  They’re expected to put out a statement in the coming days to provide more information.



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