Ricketts says Nebraska will pursue another Costco chicken plant


Costco will soon open a chicken plant in Nebraska, and now the governor says the state is pushing for a second plant as well.

Costco is building a $300 million chicken processing facility in Fremont.

The plant will open this year, creating hundreds of jobs, and making an expected economic impact of more than a billion dollars.

During remarks at his agriculture conference this week, the governor said the state is pushing for another Costco plant.

Gov. Pete Ricketts said, “We know that Costco is interested in building another one, we’d love to have it here in Nebraska. We want to get this business, but we want to get the next business that goes along with it. That’s true not only with Costco but other operations as well. Hendrix Genetics has two facilities in our state. If they were looking to expand, we’d want to see more of that here in Nebraska as well.”

The early speculation is that Costco would look towards central Nebraska for the next plant, but it could take some time for the process to make those decisions.


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