Grand opening for Hendrix Genetic’s Beresford South Dakota turkey hatchery


After months of construction, Hendrix Genetics finalized its turkey hatchery in Beresford, South Dakota. It will soon start producing Hybrid Turkeys’ commercial poults for its US customers.

Next step in building our US distribution network

After a $30 million investment, the future of commercial turkey distribution, centered on delivering high quality products and services to our customers, is an important step closer to completion.

About a year and a half ago Hendrix Genetics committed to building out a brand new modern distribution network to supply the US turkey market with parent and commercial stock turkeys.

Heavy investments have been made in building out two new hatcheries as well as multiple new farms to supply them. In late 2017 Hendrix Genetics unveiled its flagship North American hatchery in Grand Island, Nebraska. This modern hatchery is state of the art and dedicated to hatching grandparents for multiple genetic lines.

The Beresford hatchery will produce around 35 million day old turkey poults annually that will be transported with a fleet of specialized trucks equipped with technology that simulates a hatchery environment during transport. All this will ensure US demand is met with top quality product.


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