Over 100 Employees of Farbest Foods in Dubois County Test Positive for COVID-19


Over 100 employees have tested positive for the coronavirus at Farbest Foods Inc., one of the nation’s largest turkey producers, located in Huntingburg, Indiana.

The large spike in positive coronavirus cases in Dubois County comes from the mass testing of employees at Farbest Foods, with all 588 employees of the facility being tested for the virus.

Of the 588 employees tested, 101 have tested positive, while 23 test results are still pending.

According to Farbest Foods, the employees who tested positive were asymptomatic and are residents of various counties – meaning the positive tests of the company’s employees would not fully reflect on the Dubois County coronavirus total alone.

Those who tested positive will self-quarantine for 10 days to prevent further spread of the virus within the community.

The Farbest Foods plant temporarily shut down on Monday, May 18, and Tuesday, May 19, but is set to resume production on Wednesday, allowing employees who tested negative for the virus to return back to work.

As an added precaution, the company conducted swab tests on 20 different high-touch surfaces around the plant, all of which came back negative.


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