Chile achieves authorization for poultry meat and by-product exports to Paraguay


Chile has recently achieved a significant milestone in its agricultural trade relations. After fruitful negotiations between the Chilean Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), ChileCarne (the Chilean Meat Exporters Association), and Paraguay’s health authority, SENACSA, Chile has secured the long-awaited approval to export poultry meat and related products to Paraguay.

The growing market in Paraguay

Paraguay presents an interesting market for Chile’s poultry exports. Over the past few years, Paraguay’s poultry consumption has steadily increased, reaching 25 kilograms per capita in 2022, according to statistics from the Paraguayan Poultry Association (AVIPAR). This growth is closely tied to the country’s economic development. Paraguay’s per capita GDP has risen significantly, from $1,728 in 2000 to $6,153 in 2022, as reported by the World Bank. The favorable economic conditions suggest that there is still substantial room for growth in Paraguay’s poultry consumption, especially considering that poultry is perceived as a healthy and affordable source of animal protein.

Bridging the consumption gap

Comparing consumption figures, Chile currently boasts a poultry consumption rate of 37 kilograms per capita, while Paraguay stands at 25 kilograms. This disparity indicates an opportunity for further expansion in Paraguay’s poultry market. The characteristics of poultry—being both nutritious and competitively priced—make it an attractive choice for consumers.

Complementary economic relations

Chile’s existing trade agreements play a crucial role in this achievement. The Chile-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement ensures that Chile enjoys zero tariffs when exporting to Paraguay. Notably, Chile already had authorization for pork and pork by-product exports to Paraguay. This recent milestone further exemplifies the economic complementarity between the two nations.

Interestingly, Chile is also the primary destination for Paraguay’s beef exports, as reported by SENACSA. This reciprocal trade relationship demonstrates the mutual benefits of collaboration in the agricultural sector.

Rodrigo Castañon, Business Manager at ChileCarne, expressed gratitude for the efforts made by Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture and the SAG in opening up this new market for Chilean poultry exports. The successful negotiation reflects the commitment to strengthening economic ties and fostering international trade opportunities.

This opening is added to the other markets that have resumed imports of poultry meat products in response to the efforts of the SAG with the various official services and that are supported by the success of the campaign for the control of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Chile.

This allowed the self-declaration as a country free of the disease in August 2023, obtaining the recognition of this status by the World Organization for Animal Health, OIE, in September of the same year.

In conclusion, Chile’s achievement in gaining authorization to export poultry meat and by-products to Paraguay marks a positive step forward for both countries. As the demand for high-quality protein continues to rise globally, this collaboration serves as a testament to the importance of cross-border cooperation in the agricultural industry.