Abit Massey: Legacy of the Georgia Poultry Federation


Abit Massey, a towering figure in Georgia’s poultry industry, recently passed away, leaving behind a legacy of significant contributions and transformative leadership. His work with the Georgia Poultry Federation (GPF) and the broader poultry sector has cemented his place as a pivotal figure in agricultural history.

Early Life and Career

Born in 1930, Massey’s roots in Georgia nurtured his early interest in agriculture. He earned a business degree from the University of Georgia and studied law at Emory University. His passion for agriculture, however, led him to the poultry industry.

Transformative Leadership at GPF

In 1960, Massey became the executive director of the Georgia Poultry Federation. Under his leadership, the GPF became a powerful advocate for the industry, driving substantial growth and development.

  1. Advocacy: Massey lobbied for policies that supported the poultry industry, shaping legislation that ensured its sustainability.
  2. Industry Promotion: His strategic initiatives and partnerships promoted Georgia’s poultry industry, making it the largest in the U.S.
  3. Education: He established programs to support poultry science and agriculture, fostering the next generation of industry leaders.

Broader Contributions

Massey’s impact extended beyond GPF:

  1. Research Support: He championed research, leading to advancements in poultry health, nutrition, and production.
  2. Economic Impact: The poultry industry became a major economic driver in Georgia, thanks to his efforts.
  3. Global Influence: He positioned Georgia as a global leader in poultry production through international trade missions and conferences.

Awards and Recognitions

Massey’s dedication earned him numerous accolades:

  1. Hall of Fame Inductions: Including the Georgia Agricultural Hall of Fame and the American Poultry Historical Society Hall of Fame.
  2. Lifetime Achievement Awards: Acknowledging his enduring impact on the poultry sector.
  3. Community Service: Known for his philanthropic efforts and community involvement.


Abit Massey’s recent passing marks the end of an era. His visionary leadership and unwavering dedication have left a lasting legacy. Through his work, Massey not only advanced Georgia’s poultry industry but also set a benchmark for agricultural advocacy and leadership. His contributions will be remembered and honored, ensuring the continued growth and success of the industry he helped build.