Aviagen Will “Engage” as Sole Presenting Sponsor at Canada’s 2021 National Poultry Show


Global poultry breeding company Aviagen®  is proud to be the exclusive presenting sponsor of the 2021 National Poultry Show,  Canada’s premier poultry event. While the show normally takes place annually in  London, Ontario, this year the show will occur on April 7 and 8 as a virtual event with the theme of “Engage,” and the audience of Canadian poultry professionals will  “engage” in a new way this year.

Two days of knowledge and idea sharing

On the first day of the event, Aviagen’s Vice President of Veterinary Services Dr.
Kate Hayes will lead a breakout discussion on biosecurity at the pedigree level and
how it applies to commercial farming. Dr. Bryan Fancher, Group Vice President
Global Technical Operations, Aviagen, will then highlight the current hot topic of
sustainability. Aviagen’s key corporate value is “Breeding Sustainability,” reflecting
the company’s commitment to creating efficiencies that make commercial chicken
production environmentally responsible and economically beneficial to farmers.

“Our breeding efficiencies are complemented by a balanced breeding approach that
simultaneously promotes bird performance, health and welfare,” explained Frank
Dougherty, Aviagen’s Vice President of Sales and Technical Services for North
America. “Biosecurity is also integral to our breeding program. Our biosecurity
protocols are second to none, working to protect our birds and secure the supply of
quality breeding stock to the world’s producers.”

“Aviagen shares with the National Poultry Show organizers a commitment to give
back to the Canadian poultry industry and to help our customers – Canada’s
dedicated poultry producers – put food on every table of families throughout our
communities,” added Aviagen Canadian Business Consultant Scott Gillingham.

The Canadian National Poultry Show is a partnership between the Western Fair
District (WFD) and the Poultry Industry Council (PIC). In addition to the daily
sessions, participants will further “engage” on social media with #CdnPoultryfarmer
and the #LoveCdnPoultry photo competitions.

Click here to learn more about Aviagen’s approach to Breeding Sustainability.


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