Cobb Customers in Canada Use Expertise to Achieve Excellent Results and Win Flock Awards


As part of its commitment to  supporting customers, Cobb awarded four facilities in Canada with its annual Flock Awards.  Launched in 2004, the awards recognize the top-performing companies in the United States,  Canada, Mexico, and Central America that are maximizing the potential of Cobb flocks.

Thanks to the Cobb technical team’s expertise and commitment to quality, customers
throughout North America continue to maximize flock performance,” said Chance Bryant,
director of tech services. “We are extremely proud of the winners of this year’s North America  Flock Awards who continue to show the potential in our products with excellent performance.”

There were four winners of this year’s Flock Awards in Canada:

Synergy Agri Group in Port Williams, Nova Scotia, won for the highest average of
chicks per hen housed and the best Cobb500™ FF flock based on chicks per hen
housed. This is the 4th year in a row this facility won an award, demonstrating the team’s
hard work and dedication.
Poirier-Berard in Saint-Félix-de-Valois, Quebec, won for the best Cobb500™ SF flock
based on chicks per hen housed. The team worked hard to make improvements to the
lighting and feeder spaces in their houses, which showed in their results
.● Sollio Agriculture – Avantis in Saint-Léonard, New Brunswick, and Cox Atlantic Chick
Hatchery in Maitland, Nova Scotia, are co-winners of the award for the flock with the
highest number of total eggs per hen housed. The Sollio Agriculture – Avantis team’s
willingness to learn paid off. Meanwhile, great team work by Ron and David Merks of
Cox Atlantic Chick Hatchery made these results possible.

Cobb presented this year’s winners with plaques to commemorate their achievements. The
Cobb technical team conducted its Flock Breeder Survey to determine the award recipients
based on four key metrics: egg production, hatchability, chicks per hen housed, and life of flock  hen mortality.

“We will continue finding innovative ways to support all of our Canadian customers as they
strive to achieve the best results possible,” said Benoit Lanthier, Advisor Tech Service. “We look  forward to seeing our customers continue to succeed with more productive, healthy flocks in  2021.”

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