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What are probiotics?

Bacterial probiotics, a subset of direct-fed-microbials, are living organisms that, when consumed in adequate amounts, confer a benefit to the host. The essential feature to understand is “living”.

In zoologic terms, bacteria dominate the world – there are an estimated 30 trillion species!

Assessing bacterial genetic diversity is critical for strain identification that are within the probiotics you feed your animals. Selecting and differentiating strains is the basis for success as different strains all have unique properties. When the right strains are selected for the right target solution they can be an effective solution to counter major food and health challenges.

There is not one strain that is effective against each problem. It is a matter of selecting the right strains or combination of strains for the right objective.

Chr. Hansen  selected three specific Bacillus strains in a probiotic product for the poultry market: GALLIPRO® Fit. The foundation was the selection and combination of strains that were most effective for the poultry industry. The strains were selected due to their strong pathogen inhibition and enzyme production abilities.

Strains matter. Selected combinations of strains is key to a successful probiotic solution from which poultry farmers can benefit.

Why strain matters