Eliminate Downtime Using Inventory Software


Material shortages and out-of-stocks can kill plant productivity. Today’s supply chain shortages make accurate real-time inventory more essential than ever to meet demand. Continuous level sensors such as non-contact radar can update silo inventory data in just minutes.

Add BinView® or Binventory® software for simple data viewing on your phone, tablet, or PC. Be warned before material runs short to avoid constant checking or climbing silos. For added convenience install walk or drive up digital panel meters or C-100 control consoles in key locations to check levels instantly.


Here’s what an inventory management system can do for you.

Automate alerts: Get a text or email from the software before material runs out.

Eliminate down time: Employees won’t waste time during process stoppages.

Improve customer satisfaction: Maximize on-time delivery schedules.

Prevent material shortages: Run and procure efficiently, reduce emergency orders.

Improve logistics: Optimize scheduling of raw material deliveries and outgoing finished goods.

Keep your plants up and running and stress less in 2021 with a system that keeps you on top of silo inventory.

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