Keep silos supplied with Vendor Managed Inventory


Vendor Managed Inventory – aka VMI – connects you and your vendors to your silo inventory. Learn how using sensors, wireless gateways, and software can prevent material outages, reduce carrying costs, and simplify ordering using BinView® from BinMaster.

Watch how VMI can connect you and your vendors in this 2-minute video.

Sensors: VMI can be used to measure solids, powders, or liquids stored in bins, tanks, or silos. Non-contact radar, 3DLevelScanners, SmartBobs, and lasers are all compatible with the BinView® program.

Software: With BinView®, you and your vendors are looking at the same inventory data and take a proactive role in placing orders and scheduling deliveries. Automated alerts prevent material shortages.

Get VMI with one call to BinMaster.  Contact BinMaster to get a fast quote on an affordable VMI solution.


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