Pollo-M The certified exhaust air washer for broiler houses



The certified exhaust air washer for broiler houses

Pollo-M is a single-stage chemical exhaust air washer for use in broiler growing. The filter element is mounted horizontally in the exhaust air tower for a large contact surface. Sulphuric acid acidifies the process water that is sprayed onto the packing so the water reaches a pH value of ≤ 3.3.

Main advantages

  • significantly less ammonia and dust emissions;
  • DLG SignumTest of the German Agricultural Society passed (test report 6260);
  • the filter element’s large surface area reduces the air resistance and thus lowers the fans’ energy consumption; the special pump technology for the rinsing water also reduces energy consumption;
  • constant spraying of the filter keeps the filter clean;
  • the data logging system records all important values;
  • Pollo-M can also be controlled remotely;
  • easy accessibility;
  • low maintenance requirements.

Pollo-M exhaust air washer tested by the DLG

The single-stage chemical washer with droplet separator, Pollo-M, not only meets the requirements of the renowned DLG SignumTest regarding separation rates of ammonia, total dust and fine dust, but even exceeds them, according to the test report. The exhaust air treatment system was tested for its use in broiler houses. The report is available for download here.



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