Webinar: “Build it Right” presented by Big Dutchman and J. Dean Williamson Ltd. – Sep 24



Big Dutchman is proud to partner with J. Dean Williamson Ltd. to present a free webinar about the importance of the building design, system design, layout, and whether you should build new or retrofit your existing barn. This webinar is hosted by the Poultry Industry Council of Ontario, Canada.

Join us on Thursday, September 24th at 2:30pm EST to hear several speakers including:

  • Ron Wardrop: Big Dutchman Sales Manager for Canada
  • Bryant Wiley: Big Dutchman Regional Sales Manager
  • D. Williamson: J. Dean Williamson Ltd. is a Canadian distributor of Big Dutchman equipment
  • Mark Doyle: Agricon Buildings Global Vice President
  • Marty Johnson P.E.: Agricon Buildings Sales Manager

We look forward to sharing our industry experience and answering your questions.

This webinar has already taken place. Play the video below to view the full recording.


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