ImagoAI is collaborating with USDA to develop a handheld mycotoxins test


ImagoAI Inc., a trailblazer in innovative food safety technology, proudly announces an exciting new collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). This collaboration aims to transform the landscape of mycotoxins testing by developing a handheld mycotoxins test making mycotoxins testing accessible anywhere.

Mycotoxins, toxic compounds produced by certain types of mold, pose a significant threat to food safety, impacting crops such as grains, nuts, and spices. Rapid and accurate testing is essential to prevent mycotoxins from entering the food supply chain.

ImagoAI’s Galaxy mycotoxins test, the world’s fastest and first eco-friendly mycotoxins test, has recently received the AOAC PTM certificate, making it the world’s first certified hyperspectral imaging-based mycotoxins test. Galaxy delivers mycotoxins results in under 30 seconds without requiring any chemical consumables or reagents. This collaboration promises to bring its groundbreaking capabilities to the palm of your hand.

The Galaxy mycotoxins test has already set a new standard in mycotoxin testing with its
unprecedented speed significantly enhancing food safety across various industries. By
leveraging the cutting-edge Hyperspectral Imaging technology, Galaxy provides real-time
mycotoxin results, ensuring that feed mills, flour mills, wet/dry mills, grain elevators, pet food, ethanol plants and food processors are protected from harmful mycotoxins.

GalaxyLyte: Bringing Lab Capabilities to the Field
The handheld version of Galaxy, called GalaxyLyte, will retain the powerful capabilities of its
benchtop predecessor, ensuring that it continues to deliver fast and accurate results. This
portable device will be a game-changer for feed mills, poultry farms, animal farms, flour mills, wet/dry mills, grain elevators, pet food, ethanol plants, and food processors, providing them with a robust tool to safeguard food safety from farm to fork.

This collaboration will fast-track the development of a handheld mycotoxins test, making rapid mycotoxin testing more accessible and convenient for field applications. This innovation will empower food safety professionals with the ability to conduct immediate, on-site testing, drastically reducing the risk of contamination and enhancing overall food safety standards.

Expected Benefits
● Food Safety: With its groundbreaking capability to test mycotoxins in the field, the food
industry can more effectively prevent mycotoxins from reaching consumers.
● Cost Savings: By reducing the reliance on costly and time-consuming lab tests, food
producers can achieve significant cost savings.
● Enhanced Efficiency: Field inspectors can perform more inspections in less time,
improving overall food safety oversight.
● Public Trust: Strengthening food safety measures enhances consumer confidence in the
safety of the food supply.

A Commitment to Food Safety and Innovation
The USDA’s collaboration with ImagoAI underscores the commitment of both organizations to advance food safety technologies and protect public health. By combining ImagoAI’s innovative approach with the USDA’s extensive research and development expertise, this research collaboration aims to set new benchmarks in the industry.

The handheld mycotoxins test is poised to revolutionize food safety by enabling on-the-spot
testing, providing immediate results and allowing for swift action to prevent the spread of

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About ImagoAI
ImagoAI is a leading innovator in hyperspectral imaging and artificial intelligence, dedicated to transforming food safety and quality testing. With its state-of-the-art mycotoxin test, ImagoAI is setting new standards in speed, accuracy, and reliability, providing essential tools for the agricultural and food industries