New domestic poultry resource for vets

Vetlexicon has launched Avis, a resource designed to provide comprehensive, up-to-date clinical information to veterinary professionals to support  diagnostic and treatment decision-making in domestic poultry.

Avis includes over 350 articles, images, client factsheets, and diagnostic trees about avian diseases, diagnostic techniques, medications, legislation and parasitology, with a particular focus on domestic poultry.

The publishers say that content on Avis is authored and reviewed by leading avian veterinary specialists, including the St David’s Poultry Team, which has over 350 years of poultry veterinary experience.

Vetstream CEO, Dr Mark Johnston MRCVS said: We are really delighted to have worked with such a strong contribution from the St David’s Poultry Team whose experience in commercial flocks is provided to veterinarians being presented with smaller flocks.

“We have also had significant additional contributions for this launch edition of Avis across a broad range of poultry veterinary expertise.

“We want as many people as possible to take Avis for a “test flight” and so will be providing free access to all Vetlexicon subscribers for the month of June.”