New Cobb App Works to Help Customers Succeed with Easy Access to Flock Management Software and Expertise


The new Cobb Flock Management app is the latest technology designed to help customers achieve more yield, better feed conversion, and healthy flocks. The app allows customers to track production and manage Cobb flocks across farms, houses, and pens right from their mobile devices. All app users may access Cobb expertise through the app with readily available resources like broiler breeder guides, videos, technical articles, and more.

“Cobb is committed to providing customers with the latest tools and technology to help products reach their highest potential,” said Robin Jarquin, director of world tech services. “The all-in-one Cobb Flock Management app is designed to help give customers a quality user experience so it is easy to access expertise, make decisions, and manage flock production anywhere and at any time.”

The app’s innovative features include:

➔    Live reports, graphs, and dashboards to track production metrics.

➔    The ability to manage and transfer Cobb flocks across farms, houses, and pens.

➔    Access to bird health records and breeder data management tools.

➔    Live reports, graphs, and dashboards to track production metrics.

➔    The option to toggle between metric and U.S. measurements.

➔    Access to a wealth of technical information and industry best practices.

➔    The ability to save to the cloud and store information securely through password protection.

➔    An easy user experience currently available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Thai, and French languages. Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Italian, German, Dutch, and Indonesian languages will be added in future updates.

“The app builds on the company’s traditions of innovation and providing expertise to help the industry succeed,” said Jarquin. “It is one of the many ways Cobb supports customers in achieving productive, healthy flocks to capitalize on the advantage of the yield, feed conversion, and growth in Cobb’s robust broiler.”

The Cobb Flock Management app is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. After downloading it, users should delete the Cobb Connection app from their smartphones. All management guides and resources are also housed on Cobb’s website. Customers can contact their technical service representative with any questions about the new app or visit