New Ventilation Tool by Hybrid Turkeys


Ventilation is a key management area to ensure happy healthy flocks that deliver great performance. Regardless of the weather outside, the goal is to maintain good exchange of air and consistent temperatures throughout the inside of the barn. To aid in understanding how to optimize ventilation for Hybrid turkeys, using various systems, a new ventilation tool has been created.

minimum_vent_calc_frame3.jpgThe new tool aids in the understanding of what is needed to effectively run negative pressure, minimum and tunnel ventilation systems as well as information on the use of cool cells and foggers in turkey barns.

This simple tool allows you to input a few small details about your barn and then answers questions such as:

  • What are my fan requirements and how many inlets do I need?
  • What is my required tunnel fan capacity?
  • What length of curtain openings do I need (with or without cool cells)
  • What are the nozzle and water requirements for a fogging system?

Adequate ventilation, paired with other management areas such as feed and water, turkey health and biosecurity will ensure you achieve optimal performance from your Hybrid flocks.

To obtain a copy of this valuable tool, please contact us today.