Podcast: Turning a 20 year chicken hobby into a farm with Cynthia Capers


Cynthia Capers, Heniscity Farm in Tennessee, shares her 20+ year journey from hobby chicken keeper to poultry farmer. Twenty years ago, the sight of six Black Australorps brought tears to her eyes. Today, she’s serving her community through egg sales, chick sales, pullet sales, and community education. She’s incorporated poultry into their rural bed and breakfast and has become an integral resource in her community.

As a black farmer reconnecting to the land and rediscovering her ancestral roots, the journey isn’t easy, but Cynthia is right where she needs to be inspiring those around her. She brings the power of chickens to life.

In the show we cover:

  • Her exposure to animals in an urban environment
  • Incorporating chickens into the B&B
  • Covid challenges
  • Eggs as the answer to hunger
  • Connecting to the land and honoring Mother Africa
  • Importance of friends and support
  • …and more



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