Poultry Podcast: Broiler Farmer Jeremy Prinzen joins us to discuss a variety of Poultry related topics


Welcome to the Poultryproducer.com Podcast. This is a fun series interviewing great guests in the Poultry Industry. Today’s guest is Jeremy Prinzen a third-generarion Broiler Farmer in beautiful Prince Edward County Ontario. Jeremy is a supplier for Maple Lodge Farms, while also supplying Chicken to several restaurant in Prince Edward County. He is a colorful character with a passion for his family and Agriculture.

Episode Summary
  • Jeremy discuses his expansion efforts, and the challenges he faced
  • Jeremy talks about his Family Farm and rich tradition in Prince Edward County
  • Jeremy chooses his topic between Stress in Broiler Production or Transitioning Broilers from Half House to full House
  • Jeremy discussed the three intangibles: Feed, Health & Disease, and Production
  • Jeremy touches on Social Media for Chicken Farmers and the influence
  • Jeremy answers our popular Rapid Fire Question segment
  • Open Floor- Jeremy opens up on the open floor topics of his choice

Jeremy’s Bio

Broiler Chickens. Whole sale/retail of boxed chicken. Prince Edward County Volunteer FF/Instructor


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