Well done Evergreen Colony!


Evergreen Colony, located in South Dakota, who recently accomplished some great flock results, a stand out in a summer of great flocks for this group.

Evergreen raises Hybrid Converter birds under a “no antibiotics ever” system. The flock was marketed at 143 days and reached 45 lbs of average weight. Livability was also very strong at 88%, the result of getting a great start in brooding and paying close attention to the details of ventilation, water sanitation, and diet formulation. Evergreen Colony receives their birds from our US poult distribution network, now nine months into operation.

Cropped 2 David at Evergreen.jpg

Congratulations to David Kleinsser (pictured), who manages turkey operations for the colony. Well done on your efforts!

Age 20 weeks
Average weight 45.32 lbs
Livability 88%
Lbs. per sq. ft. 13.16


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