Cell-Cultured Chicken Brand Slashes Production Costs – Eyes Price Parity With Poultry Within 8 Years


Source: Planted Based News

 A cell-cultured chicken brand has slashed its production costs, speeding up its goal of reaching price parity with real poultry.

Future Meat has reduced its production costs by almost 50 percent. It can now create 110g of slaughter-free chicken breast for under $4.

Price parity

The start-up’s Chief Executive Rom Kshuk predicts the cost will drop to below $2 in the next 12-18 months.

He told the Financial Times: “We will launch a product in the US market in the next 18 months that will have a commercially viable price.”

Analysts at Boston Consulting Group say cell-cultured meat will achieve price parity with its livestock counterpart by 2032.

However, Kshuk revealed Future Meat expects to match poultry prices in just eight years