Cruiser Products Adds New Scissor Series To Poultry Cruiser®Product Line


Cruiser Products has announced a new addition to its line of Poultry Cruiser® drivable ladder carts. The new Scissor Series carts are being introduced at the 2020 Midwest
Poultry Federation (MPF) Virtual Trade Show & Convention, being held online August 12-13.

Scissor Series adds adjustable-height functionality while maintaining a compact footprint and the ability to drive through doors and narrow walkways. The operator platform lifts as high as six feet off the floor, enabling safe access to upper cages, lights, and systems that would traditionally require a ladder. From daily operations to installation and maintenance, Poultry Cruiser® carts provide easier access to hard-toreach areas, keeping personnel safer, more mobile, and more productive.

The robust new cart features intuitive drive and lift controls for easy operation. Built-in safety features help to keep the operator safe. Dual drive motors on the rear wheels provide ample power, while front caster wheels offer precise steering. Solid rubber tires ensure long life and minimal maintenance, and the on-board batteries are easily charged overnight.

“We’re excited to introduce this new cart to the market,” says company founder Tim McCain. “Scissor Series brings a new level of functionality to our product line. The operator can now reach higher work areas, and the height is easily adjusted during use. The cart is easy to drive, so the learning curve is minimal and customers see immediate results.”

Cruiser Products is introducing Scissor Series in its virtual exhibit booth at the MPF convention, where attendees can interact with company personnel and learn more about the Poultry Cruiser® product line.


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