Delaware Poultry Waste Reycling Facility Approved


The Sussex County Board of Adjustment has approved the erection of a plant by Clean Bay Renewables to be located near Georgetown, DE.  The facility will encompass 490,000 square feet and will receive chicken litter to be converted to renewable energy.  The project will cost $60 million and will recycle 90,000 tons of chicken litter annually.  Projected output should attain 5 megawatts per day to be fed into the Delaware Electric Cooperative grid to supply sufficient power for the equivalent of 3,500 homes. Between 20 and 80 tons of phosphorus fertilizer will be produced as a byproduct each working day.


The capital cost of the proposed facility given the data released would be $12,000 per Kw corresponding to the U.S. Department of energy value of $13,500 per Kw. In contrast coal units would cost $3,500 per Kw and natural gas $7,000 per Kw.



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