Fire at Gerber’s Poultry Processing Facility in Ohio


Fire officials said a sprinkler system prevented damages to the Gerber’s Poultry Inc. processing plant in Kidron, OH last Saturday night after a fire ignited inside of the facility.

Called to the site at about 11:14 p.m., firefighters arrived at the Kidron Road plant and saw that the sprinkler system had activated above a fire on a pallet of material, the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department said in a post to its Facebook page.

“This is why we encourage sprinklers,” the fire department said.

Firefighters doused some flames on the materials, but the sprinkler system mostly kept the fire contained during the incident.

Gerber’s Poultry produces a variety of chicken products, including boneless skinless and bone-in chicken, whole chickens, and chicken sausage and burgers, information on the company’s website said. Founded in 1952, the firm is also based in Kidron.


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