Iowa Poultry Association Encourages Continued Focus on Biosecurity


Even in times when communities throughout Iowa are focused on the COVID-19 pandemic, Iowa Poultry Association (IPA) encourages their poultry producers, feed suppliers, and other poultry and egg partners to continue to be diligent on biosecurity.

As a reminder, there is no evidence that COVID-19 can affect poultry including eggs, and chicken and turkey meat. These products are safe for human consumption. There is no evidence of transmission of poultry coronaviruses to humans or other mammals. There is no evidence of human coronavirus transmission to poultry, either. However, it is important for all producers, suppliers, and other partners to continue their biosecurity practices.

Biosecurity practices include worker and visitor entry policies, barn and transportation sanitation and other general farm policies that will prevent the introduction and/or transmission of diseases or disease-causing agents into the flocks.

Since 2017, Iowa poultry producers have been investing an estimated $12 Million dollars annually in biosecurity improvement measures on their farms. Over the past few months, IPA has hosted or co-hosted three biosecurity meetings for their members. IPA has been working closely with the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Iowa State University Extension to maintain a continued focus and dedication to biosecurity and disease prevention.

Kevin Stiles, Executive Director of Iowa Poultry Association stated, “We know our farmers, processing plants and food facilities are practicing caution during the COVID-19 outbreak, and encourage them to also maintain sound, proven biosecurity practices.”

Stiles encourages producers and flock facing vendors to refresh their biosecurity knowledge by visiting and the USDA Defend the Flock Resource Center.

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