Webinar: Before the Crisis: Planning and Preparation for the Unexpected


This is the second of our three part webinar series. The first one will be hosted on June 10th, and the third on the 25th from 1:30-2:30 (EST). The cost of each webinar is $25.00. See our website for full details.

June 17th Webinar

Peace of mind comes with a little bit of planning and communication with your family and farm team members. How are you preparing for the unexpected? During this one-hour webinar, we will hear from Ontario Pork on how they developed a one stop tool kit for being prepared for an on-farm emergency. We will also hear about how to make your biosecurity more effective by making it user friendly, and an in depth talk from OMAFRA Poultry Specialist talking about lessons learned the hard way.

Topics & Speakers:

  • Emergency Preparedness Tool Kit: Ontario Pork shares details on the tool kit they use with pork members to help them have peace of mind. Stacey Ash & Frank Wood, Ontario Pork
  • Biosecurity needs to be user friendly:When a process is too complicated it can feel like we are being set up to fail. The steps to maintaining biosecurity need to be clear, easy and flow into your everyday tasks without adding stress. This results in users being able to manage and apply the process. There is an easier way – and to hear some ideas don’t miss out! Dave Van Walleghem from Vetoquinol Biosecurity Specialist – Maritimes, Ontario and Western Canada Production Animals
  • Lessons learned the hard way– avian influenza outbreak, and COVID-19 interruptions to the flow of supply. Ways to mitigate risk on your farm before you have a problem by using the ‘Essential Information Checklist’. Al Dam, OMAFRA Poultry Specialist.

For Certified Auditors, please note that the June 17th Webinar is on the list of approved conferences for those interested in maintaining their PAACO Poultry Welfare Auditor certification. This webinar can be utilized as continuing education credits to maintain your PAACO Auditor status.



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