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PoultryBooks Pro® contains many features that have been used and tested extensively by pork producers using Decision Power’s pork production software, SwineBooks Pro®.  These features include the ability to import data from on-farm feed mills.  An inventory-management component in the program tracks inputs and allocates those costs to individual flocks.   Numerous reports combine production and financial numbers in a clear and concise fashion.

Online Demonstration

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PoultryBooks Pro® for turkey producers tracks production and financial data by flocks and location.


PoultryBooks Pro® for broiler producers tracks production and financial data by flocks and location.


PoultryBooks Pro® for egg producers tracks production and financial data by flock and location.  Customers can record and report on sales by egg grades and value-added products.  PoultryBooks makes both in-progress and year-end production and profit-and-loss reports a snap.

Decision Power focuses on helping customers get the most value out of entering production and financial records into the PoultryBooks software.  An annual subscription to PoultryBooks includes initial training, on-going support, and program updates.  Most training sessions are conducted one-on-one via computer log-in.  Sessions involve setting up a financial chart of accounts, including feed ingredients used in diets.  Additionally, health- and operating-expense items may be purchased into inventory accounts and held for use in individual flocks at a later time.

Decision Power recommends that the PoultryBooks Flock Daily Record be maintained to record daily feed and water use; environmental parameters; treatments; culls and mortalities; and, in the case of laying flocks, egg production.   After a few weeks it is possible to produce meaningful reports and graphics showing how the first flock is progressing.  After a few more flock records have been completed, multi-flock reports can produce comparisons and insights into trends.

Over the past fifteen years, Decision Power has built its reputation as a company that provides outstanding support and training, and is responsive to program development requests from its users.  With that model already in place, Decision Power has been working closely with its PoultryBooks users to add data entry screens for sales to specific processing plants so customers can accurately monitor their sales and make direct comparisons among marketing options.

PoultryBooks runs on Windows 10 computers, and the flock database is kept on the customer’s computer.  Thus, customers can know that they have complete control of when or if they share their sales, expense, and profit-and-loss data.

For more information, contact Decision Power at 800-575-7139 or email them at support@poultrybooks.com.


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