Revolutionizing Poultry Farming: Jeremy Froese’s Success with Phason Controls’ Supra Touch System


Jeremy Froese, a dedicated chicken grower from southeastern Manitoba, plays a pivotal role in the agricultural community. Alongside his wife Cheryl, Jeremy is deeply involved in a family-run mixed farm near Grunthal, Manitoba, which encompasses cattle, poultry, and grain. The Froese family, including Jeremy’s parents Ernest and Gwen, his brother Tim, sister-in-law Jen, and their children, are integral to the farm’s operations. Their commitment extends beyond farming to include educating their children and the community about sustainable food production, highlighted by their involvement in the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair and hosting Meals on the Farm.

Despite their success and passion for farming, Jeremy encountered a challenge in his poultry operation. The outdated controls in their chicken barn were becoming obsolete. This posed a serious risk to the health and comfort of his chickens, a concern that troubled Jeremy. The fear of losing chickens due to stress or environmental factors was a concern.

In his quest for a solution, Jeremy discovered Phason Controls and their Supra Touch system. His decision to transition to Phason was driven by the need for reliable, user-friendly, and advanced control systems. Phason’s reputation for excellent service support, especially in collaboration with Tri-Star Ag Services, and their accessibility for queries and assistance played a crucial role in Jeremy’s choice. The Supra Touch system offered a range of features that directly addressed his concerns, promising a more controlled and stress-free environment for his chickens.

The Supra Touch system from Phason Controls has significantly improved Jeremy’s poultry operation. The ease of installation and programming was a major advantage, simplifying the initial setup. The system’s extended features are particularly valuable for managing the environment throughout the year, offering cooling in the summer and additional support during the winter. The growth curve programming has been particularly beneficial for Jeremy, enabling him to optimize conditions for the development of his chickens. Additionally, the availability of CO2 and ammonia sensors offers the potential to further improve the barn environment.

Jeremy’s experience with Phason Controls has been positive. The reliability and efficiency of the Supra Touch system have given him peace of mind, knowing that his chickens are in a comfortable and healthy environment. This assurance is crucial for Jeremy, who places great importance on the welfare of his animals and the quality of the protein they produce. The features of the Supra Touch system have not only alleviated his fears but also contributed to the overall success and efficiency of his poultry operation.

“The Supra Touch system from Phason has been a good choice for our poultry operation. It’s not just about technology; it’s knowing our chickens are in the best environment possible. Working with Phason Controls and using their Supra Touch system has made a significant difference. The level of control and efficiency we now have is incredible. It’s reassuring to know we’re using great tools to provide the best care for our animals.”

Jeremy Froese

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