Spread of Turkey Rhinotracheitis: New Infections Reported Across Canadian Provinces


Turkey rhinotracheitis continues to pose challenges in Canada as the country grapples with the spread of infections across multiple provinces. Following initial reports from Ontario, the situation has intensified with the confirmation of additional cases in both Ontario and Manitoba.

A recent update from the World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) highlighted that 12 flocks in Ontario and one in Manitoba have tested positive for the virus. Despite the increase in the number of affected flocks, the total count of positive cases among these new reports remains lower than that of the initial findings reported on May 14.

In Middlesex County, three flocks have reported a total of 40 positive cases among 45,000 susceptible turkeys. Similarly, in Perth County, positive cases were confirmed in two flocks, with one housing 5,000 turkeys and the other 12,000 turkeys.

Interestingly, three Ontario counties documented positive detections in two flocks each, with only one bird testing positive in each instance. Notably, Hastings County reported five positive cases among a flock of 35,000 turkeys.

Meanwhile, the sole case in Manitoba involved three turkeys testing positive out of a flock of 15,000. Encouragingly, no fatalities were reported among the newly affected flocks, in contrast to previous cases in Wellington and Bruce Counties.

It’s worth noting that WOAH has indicated that no national control measures have been implemented thus far.

According to insights from Select Genetics, turkey rhinotracheitis is a highly contagious virus known to cause acute respiratory illness and significant suppression of the immune system in affected birds.