USPOULTRY Foundation Allocates $302,510 in Student Recruiting Grants


The USPOULTRY Foundation awarded student recruiting grants  totaling $302,510 to six U.S. universities with Poultry Science departments and 20 other  institutions with industryrelated programs. The Foundation provides annual recruiting and  retention funds to colleges and universities to attract or connect students to their poultry  programs or the industry. The grants were made possible in part by gifts to the USPOULTRY  Foundation from companies, individuals and families, in addition to funds earned over the years
from the International Poultry Expo, part of the International Production & Processing Expo.

The six poultry science departments receiving the grants are:

The 20 other institutions with industryrelated programs receiving recruiting and retention
grants under the Foundation’s Industry Education Recruitment Funding Program are:

“It continues to be very important that we interest bright young people to study careers in the  poultry industry. We need sharp young managers to join our companies, as they will be the  future leaders of our industry. USPOULTRY Foundation recruiting grants are essential in helping  colleges and universities encourage students to enroll in industryrelated studies,” said John  Prestage, Prestage Farms, and USPOULTRY Foundation chairman.

U.S. Poultry & Egg Association established the USPOULTRY Foundation in 1994 to provide
student recruiting funds to universities with Poultry Science departments. In 2004, the Poultry  Science Education Funding Program, now named the Industry Education Recruitment Funding  Program, was added to the Foundation’s umbrella so other colleges and universities that offer  industryrelated studies are eligible to apply for recruiting grants.