WATT Releases It Annual Top Poultry Companies Report


WATT Global Media recently released the March edition of WATT PoultryUSA magazine with renowned profiles of the leading U.S. broiler and turkey companies. The TTop U.S. Poultry Companies Survey highlights the top 30 broiler companies and the top 21 turkey companies for 2020.

This annual feature includes rankings by ready-to-cook (RTC) volume for broiler companies and slaughter volume for turkey companies plus additional insights on the industry. The edition includes historical information, tables, charts, an interactive map and purchasable data sets and plant directories. Serving as a unique tool, it’s part of an online database that houses information on poultry companies around the world.

In 2019, the U.S. broiler industry saw increases in total production and new processing plants. In total, the top broiler companies produced 959.04 million pounds of RTC chicken on a weekly basis. This is 47.11 million pounds or 5% more than in 2018. Four new plants came online representing an investment of more than $1 billion and 4 million birds per week worth of new processing capacity.

Almost all the top broiler companies increased production from 2018 to 2019 with 19 of the surveyed companies that increased their RTC production. By comparison, two decreased production and eight maintained production.

“Two market developments could boost the chicken industry even further,” says Austin Alonzo, Editor of WATT PoultryUSA magazine. “This includes the African swine fever outbreak in China and Southeast Asia, which has increased demand for animal protein. Additionally, the agreement to resume U.S. imports into China could be worth over $1 billion for products like chicken paws.”

To compile this report, WATT PoultryUSA conducts the survey annually with results from a combination of company-submitted information and estimates from industry sources. The Top Company edition includes information not found elsewhere with additional details available online.

For poultry production and other agrifood industries, WATT Global Media offers an extensive database that includes over 1,000 poultry producers from around the world plus trends in industry production. Within the database, listings are offered globally and by geographic region with a comprehensive index.

Each listing includes a link to detailed profiles with information such as company headquarters, contacts, products, production volume, subsidiaries and additional brands. Databases have search, sort and compare options. Free website registration is required to view data and download information from the online system.

For more Top Company insights – including a spreadsheet of the leading U.S. poultry producers over a ten-year timespan – go to www.wattagnet.com/product-portfolio.

Find the digital edition of WATT PoultryUSA’s Top Companies magazine at www.wattpoultryusa-digital.com.