9 Reasons to Show Your Chickens


As keeping backyard chickens becomes ever more popular, poultry shows attract more and more participants. Today’s chicken keepers participate in poultry exhibitions for all sorts of appealing reasons. Here are nine reasons to your show chickens:

Affordable Hobby

Everybody needs something relaxing to do in their spare time. Many people find that conditioning and showing chickens as a hobby is an absorbing, fun, and inexpensive activity. You can find competitions held at local, state, and national levels that attract people of all ages and all walks of life.

Family Fun

Because showing chickens is all inclusive, it’s a wonderful activity for families to enjoy together. Engaging the entire family offers grandparents, parents, and kids quality and all-important bonding time, while accumulating plenty of fond memories.

Learning Experience

Showing chickens involves a never-ending learning process. A poultry show is a good place to meet experts who keep your chosen breed or variety. They also know where to obtain the best foundation stock and equipment and can answer all your questions. Most exhibitors are eager to share information you might otherwise never know about.

Discover New Breeds

Not only can you learn more about your chosen breed, you will likely encounter new breeds you might never have seen or considered. At the same time, you can find sources for these breeds, should you decide to acquire them now or in the future.

Sell or Buy Chickens

Whether or not a particular show allows chickens to be sold on the premises, merely exhibiting — but especially winning a prize — is a great way for sellers to advertise to potential buyers. Some exhibitors always have birds for sale. Others sell an occasional bird just to help newcomers get started in their favorite hobby.

Improve Your Stock

Another reason to show your chickens is to see how an expert judge compares them to the description in the American Standard of Perfection. You will have the opportunity to compare the results of your breeding and conditioning programs with other entries. And you will have a chance to get feedback from other participating breeders.

Win Prizes

Winning a prize is always a thrilling experience, whether you are a novice or an old hand at exhibiting your poultry. Depending on the type of show you enter, prizes may consist of ribbons or trophies, chicken keeping supplies, or even cash.

Promote Your Breed

Among the many reasons to show your chickens is to encourage interest in your chosen breed or variety. Another is to help educate the public about the benefits and joys of keeping chickens in general. Some exhibitors develop elaborate displays about their breed or about various aspects of keeping and showing chickens.

Meet People

Quite a few exhibitors are there just because they enjoy chickens and visiting with other people who enjoy chickens. Many people who attend shows for social reasons tend to be less concerned about winning than about having a good time. But when you regularly attend shows for mainly social reasons, eventually you will get caught up in the action and embrace some of the other compelling reasons to show your chickens.

Source: Cackle Hatchery