A Breath of Fresh Air: ESA Series, Pioneering Sustainable Air Quality in Livestock Buildings Since 2010 By Vero Choi and Casey Bradley



In the heart of Canada, a company named ESA Series has been making significant strides in improving air quality within livestock buildings. Founded in 2010, ESA Series took on the challenge of adapting and refining heat exchange technology to meet the unique demands of agricultural systems. Through a combination of grants, investments, and unwavering determination, the company’s founders, Gabriel Gagné-Marcotte and Adam Frégeau, transformed a once outdated technology into an authentic and invaluable asset for the livestock industry. At the core of ESA’s mission lie the values of environmental stewardship, sustainable agriculture, innovation through partnerships, proactive problem-solving, and unwavering commitment to animal welfare.

The ESA Team and Their Story

Every day, Gabriel and Adam wake up with a shared sense of purpose – to make a positive impact and leave an indelible mark on the world. Their journey began a decade ago when these ambitious undergraduates envisioned a solution for the harsh winters affecting animals inside livestock buildings. During their university days, fueled by their shared fascination for heat transfer mechanisms, they engaged in deep discussions on optimizing thermal efficiency across various applications. It was during one of these brainstorming sessions that the seeds of ESA Series were sown.

Their path took a transformative turn when they started visiting livestock producers. These interactions allowed them to witness firsthand the challenges faced by farmers due to inefficient heat exchange systems in their barns. Empathy stirred within them as they recognized the hardships endured by these hardworking individuals. Motivated by a genuine desire to help, these encounters also became the crucible for refining their product and tailoring it to become the ultimate solution for livestock production.

Gabriel’s Motto: “A breath of fresh air, feeling that you are the change the world needs to see; chicken and bacon are all we need!”

ESA-3000 Product Details

The crown jewel of ESA Series is the ESA-3000 heat exchanger, a revolutionary solution that has earned accolades within the industry. This cutting-edge technology offers a multitude of benefits, starting with significant reductions in heating costs by efficiently transferring heat from one medium to another, thereby minimizing energy wastage. Beyond economic gains, the ESA-3000 promotes animal health and welfare by creating a comfortable and controlled environment, optimizing conditions for livestock.

In keeping with ESA’s commitment to the environment, the heat exchanger consumes less energy and contributes to reduced carbon emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice. The integration of IoT technology enables remote data collection and customization of unit behavior, providing tailored solutions for each customer.

The ESA-3000’s space-saving, wall-mounted design ensures it seamlessly fits into livestock buildings without hindering production processes. Additionally, its automatic cleaning feature enhances efficiency and resistance to dust, further improving performance. Notably, these devices exhibit exceptional durability, capable of operating effectively even in extreme temperatures, as low as -35 degrees Celsius.

Dedication to a Sustainable Future

ESA Series is steadfast in its dedication to shaping a future where energy efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. The company’s mission extends beyond profit, driven by the goal of protecting the environment, promoting animal health and welfare, and contributing to global food security while supporting producers economically.

Having gained recognition for their groundbreaking products, ESA Series thrives on customer referrals. To learn more about ESA Series and their pioneering technologies, visit their website at www.esaseries.com, reach out via email at info@esaseries.com, or give them a call at +1 855-573-2877.