Biosecurity: plans, puzzles and people


By Abby Neu Schuft, Extension Educator

NPIP Biosecurity Plan Audits

The count-down has begun for producers to complete their first NPIP Biosecurity Plan Audit. Each eligible producer needs to have their first audit complete by September 2020. There are many poultry industry members that still need to complete this process. There are also several who will complete their second audit this fall.

I would like to once again extend the invitation to you all that I am available to help you write your biosecurity plan and prepare for your first and subsequent NPIP audit. We can meet face-to-face, online or by phone. I understand putting pen to paper can be over-whelming, but I’m here to help. Please call (320) 235-0726 ext. 2019 or email ( and I’ll help you get started!

Biosecurity education and training opportunities

Many of you are familiar with or at least aware of the Biosecurity Entry Education Trailer (BEET) at the U. This educational tool has become so adaptable over the last four years! They are numerous ways to transform the trailer to accommodate any type of audience. In the past twelve months the trailer has been used in several unique ways:

Challengers had to solve four puzzles
within a time limit to escape the trailer,
all while learning about zoonotic disease
and biosecurity a the 2019 MN State Fair.

  • An escape room – an experiential learning opportunity during the 12 days of the 2019 MN State Fair
  • An interactive learning center for more than 350 MN 4-H youth participating in livestock programs
  • A prop, ‘test’ and discussion venue for 3rd year veterinary students attending the U of MN and Iowa State University
  • Set-up as a self-guided exhibit at events such as FarmFest, MN Pork Congress, and a world-wide family reunion hosted in Willmar, MN
  • Production system annual training for employees involved at every level of the company

Consider using BEET for annual employee training, as a physical model to design your new Danish Entry system, or to introduce youth to biosecurity concepts. Please contact us to plan your event!