Building Partnerships Leads to Success During Industry Uncertainty, By Austin Jasek Zinpro


The poultry industry is constantly evolving. With evolution comes unforeseen challenges and events. Establishing partnerships with experienced teammates who bring new insights to the table is key to reducing the burden of unforeseen obstacles. This collaborative relationship allows you to continue improving and make the most of challenging times

Gaining Control During Industry Challenges

There is looming uncertainty caused by multiple production obstacles impacting the poultry industry. With so many changing pieces, it requires more caution when planning your next move – especially when multiple factors are beyond your control. The top trends impacting the industry and your business are:

  • Feed cost: The price of feed is rising due to competing industries requiring feed ingredients like biodiesel, geopolitical conflict and adverse agronomic conditions reducing yields of key feedstuffs.
  • Supply chain: High feed costs and labor shortages drive up the cost of production and increase the time it takes to make deliveries. This makes the supply chain operate less efficiently.
  • Labor shortage: Processors are increasing wage competitiveness in an attempt to offset the labor shortage. A lack of labor increases the cost of production and also may decrease the quality of labor that can be hired within the supply chain.
  • Chick quality: The price per chick has increased about 60% over the past four years, making chicks an extremely important investment with a premium placed on health. Chick quality is dependent on breeder health and nutrition, eggshell quality and hatchery management – all requiring skilled labor and oversight.
  • Avian Influenza: Avian Influenza has magnified pain points in the supply chain with over 40 million birds affected by the virus in 2022. Birds have been eliminated from the flock and are no longer producing, impairing the supply chain’s ability to keep up with demand. For example, laying hens lost resulted in 2 million dozen eggs being absent in the market.

All of these costly challenges become intertwined and are being felt across different segments of the industry – from ingredient processing to feed production to processing and shipping.

Transform Bird Productivity During Challenging Times

There is no one size fits all solution to solve the challenges we face in the poultry industry, but we can work together to reduce your stress and bring focus to what you can control. As your trusted partner, Zinpro® can help make a difference and prioritize what obstacles need the most attention so you can continue achieving your business and animal health goals.

Our team is ready to work alongside you and help build a plan that allows you to feel confident in the face of uncertainty. Zinpro offers a well-versed poultry team comprised of account managers, microbiologists, veterinarians, and nutritionists all working together to find the best solution for your current position.

Our team works directly with producers to help identify more innovative and proactive approaches to meet and exceed their personal production goals like boosting immunity, improving eggshell quality and enhancing biosecurity. By setting and meeting specific goals, you can feel less of a pinch during industry challenges and contribute to the overall solution. By boosting immunity, you can prevent bird loss and have more product and healthy chicks available for the supply chain. Improving eggshell quality helps increase the quantity and quality of healthy chicks available in the market. Enhancing biosecurity measures keeps your flock healthy and reduces overall product loss in the supply chain.

Partnering to make small improvements in these areas can have a big impact in the grand scheme of the industry. Zinpro solutions and partnership can help you take control of these industry challenges.

  • Zinpro® First Line of Defense™: Leverage proven animal nutrition with unrivaled mineral absorption to reduce lameness and BCO, improve immunomodulation and increase food safety
  • Zinpro® BlueBox™: Customers can evaluate translucency, microcracks and overall eggshell quality to establish a baseline and keep building upon it
  • Zinpro Specialty Products: Build on top of a proven nutrition program by adding biosecurity solutions

Zinpro® is Your Trusted Partner

Together, we can turn obstacles into opportunities. Partner with Zinpro for leading expertise and innovative solutions for continuous improvement. Contact a poultry expert today and learn how our team can support you and help mitigate industry challenges.