Cobb China Academy Resumes, Bringing Expertise to 150 Customers


Cobb China resumed the annual Cobb China Academy in Shenyang and Qingdao during the week of October 25, 2021. Cobb experts shared recommendations with 150 customers from around the country during the event.

“We are excited to resume our Cobb China Academy after nearly 2 years of the pandemic,” said Jackson Wu, senior manager of technical service and sales for Cobb China. “As the Cobb flocks have evolved,  so have our management recommendations. We prepared a lot of new information for the event, including feeding pattern adjustment, gut health, and cocci control, all of which we hope will be beneficial to our customers.”

Dr. Youngho Hong, director of technical service for Cobb Asia-Pacific, joined the academy via Zoom along with Dr. Magali Charles, regional veterinarian, and Dr. Suttisak Boonyoung, nutritionist.

“It is a pleasure to see our customers in China since resuming domestic travel,” said Dr. Hong. “The content      from Cobb China Academy helps participants with flock performance improvement and troubleshooting. As countries are loosening travel restrictions in the Asia-Pacific region, I hope to join the event in person next year.”

During the event, Cobb China presented the Cobb Champion Broiler Award to Tyson Foods China and      Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui), and the Cobb Breeder Award was presented to Otto & Sons (Weihai). During  2020, Tyson Foods China’s broiler flock achieved an EPEF of 426.5 while Cargill Animal Protein (Anhui) achieved an EPEF of 413.5. In sold flock year 2021, Otto & Sons (Weihai) achieved 151.40 chicks per hen housed at 65 weeks.