Continued progress from the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO: The results are in!


One year ago, we officially launched the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO, a medium turkey strain, specially selected within our European pedigree facility for the European market.

Customers have reported on its improved feed conversion ratio, livability and egg production. After collecting performance data over the past year, we are pleased to share data from the field on the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO commercial and parent stock products. On the breeder side, the EVO shows an improvement of 4 eggs according to our standards; however, performance data shows that with the full genetic potential of this product, it is possible to achieve even higher egg numbers. On the commercial side, the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO shows improved FCR as well as strong results in livability, leg quality and late mortality. This means increased efficiency in your operations leading to cost savings and getting the full value from your flock.

Parent Stock – Increased Egg Production

The results from field data show an improvement of about four eggs per hen in the Grade MakerEVO, from 121 eggs per hen housed with the Grade Maker to 125 eggs. When examining data from the top flocks, there are some flocks now producing more than 132 eggs in 26 weeks of production, demonstrating the full genetic potential of the birds.

Grade Maker Week 26 of Lay (Standards) Grade MakerEVO Week 26 of Lay (Standards) Grade MakerEVO Week 26 of Lay (Top Flocks)
Settable egg production per hen housed – 121 eggs Settable egg production per hen housed – 125 eggs Settable egg production per hen housed – 132 eggs

Commercial Stock – Improved FCR

Looking at results from the field and comparing the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO to Hybrid Grade Maker performance, we can see that the EVO has improved by 0.05 in feed conversion ratio, going from 2.38 to 2.34. What does this mean for turkey growers?

For example, if you are a commercial grower raising a flock of 5 000 turkeys, and your turkeys eat less feed at 18 weeks, but still reach the target bodyweight, this can translate to significant cost savings.

With a flock target weight of 11 kg:

Grade Maker Grade MakerEVO
Flock Size 5,000 5,000
FCR 2.38 2.34
Target Weight 11 kg 11 kg
Feed Consumed* 130.9t 128.7t
*Feed Consumed = [Flock Size] * [Target Weight] * FCR
GMEVO bar graph

Commercial Stock – Improved Livability and Late Mortality Improvement

The Hybrid Grade MakerEVO shows strong results in livability and reduced late mortality. Development of this product focused on leg strength and leg quality. Results from the field demonstrate that the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO shows a 2% improvement in livability compared to the previous Grade Maker. Although this may seem to be a small improvement, in a flock of 5 000 birds, 2% improvement means 100 more birds of 11 kg average go to market, leading to an increase in profit as well as better use of resources including feed, water, and energy.

Grade Maker Grade MakerEVO
Flock Size 5,000 5,000
Livability 93.3% 95.3%
Target Weight 11 kg 11 kg
Live Weight to Slaughter House 51.315t 52.415t
*Live Weight to slaughterhouse = [Flock Size] * [Target Weight] * Livability
GMEVO bar graph v2

Continuous product performance is key in supporting our customers at every stage of the value chain. Results from the field show that you can rely on optimized performance for the traits that matter in your operations. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our sales and technical service representatives to learn more about the Hybrid Grade MakerEVO or any products in our portfolio.