Extreme Flooding Severely Impacts Brazil’s Poultry Sector


Severe flooding in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in May has significantly disrupted Brazil’s poultry industry, particularly in the central regions, as reported by Cepea.

According to Cepea’s market report, the flooding and subsequent destruction of bridges and roads have made it challenging for farms to receive essential production inputs like corn and soybean meal.

Meatpacking agents surveyed by Cepea highlighted that some slaughter facilities have been inundated, while others are unable to receive new animal batches due to logistical hurdles. The transportation of meat has also been adversely affected.

Additionally, many areas have experienced power outages, a critical issue for the poultry sector. Farms rely on lighting at night for the birds, and refrigeration systems at processing plants are essential for maintaining product quality.

Rio Grande do Sul plays a vital role in Brazil’s poultry industry, accounting for 11.4% of the country’s slaughtered animals in 2023, according to IBGE data. The state is also a significant exporter of chicken meat, contributing 14.8% of Brazil’s total export volume last year.