Federal Judge Greenlights $18M Settlement in Poultry Producer Lawsuit


In a significant development, a federal judge has given the final nod to an $18 million settlement between Wayne-Sanderson Farms and a settlement class in a lawsuit accusing major poultry producers of conspiring to reduce payments to chicken suppliers.

The settlement, originally reached at $17.75 million in March, received its ultimate approval, with the poultry producer, Wayne-Sanderson Farms, emphasizing that opting for a settlement was the most efficient way to navigate forward and avoid prolonged litigation. It’s crucial to note that the company did not admit to any wrongdoing in the case.

A spokesperson highlighted that the legal proceedings predated the merger of Sanderson Farms and Wayne Farms, which was formalized with new branding in September.

This approval follows closely on the heels of Sanderson’s triumph in a large-scale chicken broiler lawsuit, where the company successfully defended itself against accusations of colluding with other poultry producers to inflate chicken prices.