Fluctuations in Brazilian Chicken Prices During Late August – CEPEA Report


In late August, the prices of several chicken products experienced a decline in select Brazilian regions, a common occurrence attributed to the usual decrease in demand during the latter half of the month, as detailed in a market report released by the Centre for Advanced Studies on Applied Economics (CEPEA) in Brazil.

Nevertheless, the significant price surges observed earlier in August resulted in higher monthly averages compared to those in July, spanning both live chicken and chicken meat.

Throughout August, the average price for whole frozen chicken skyrocketed by an impressive 10.3% in the wholesale market of Greater São Paulo, reaching BRL 6.21/kg. Similarly, prices for chilled chicken products surged by 10.7%, settling at BRL 6.20/kg.

In contrast, southern Brazil witnessed less dramatic price increases. In Porto Alegre, the average price for both frozen and chilled chicken climbed from BRL 9.09 in July to BRL 9.22 last month, reflecting a modest uptick of 1.4%.

The live chicken market also experienced price hikes. In São Paulo State, the average price for slaughter chicken in August concluded at BRL 4.86/kg, marking a 9.6% increase compared to July. According to experts collaborating with CEPEA, these price fluctuations were closely tied to recent adjustments in animal production, leading to a decreased supply of chicken meat within the Brazilian market.

(Note: Exchange rate – 1 reia = US $0.20)