Fueling the Future with Neogen’s Biosecurity Solutions


Welcome to today’s Poultry TV program, where we’re diving into the world of biosecurity solutions with a true expert, Stuart Heller. Stuart, a biosecurity sales support specialist at Neogen, joins us to unravel the secrets of disease prevention in the poultry industry. In our conversation, we explore the evolution of biosecurity in poultry production, highlighting Neogen’s pivotal contributions to this transformative journey. We also delve into the intangibility of biosecurity measures and how Neogen ensures their effectiveness through a comprehensive approach.

Our discussion extends to the intersection of biosecurity and sustainability, where Stuart sheds light on Neogen’s initiatives in environmental stewardship within the context of biosecurity protocols. Navigating disease outbreaks is a critical aspect, especially considering the challenges posed by avian influenza. Stuart provides insights into additional steps producers can take during these critical times and how Neogen offers support and expertise in facing disease outbreaks.

In our closing thoughts, Stuart emphasizes the collaborative nature of biosecurity, underscoring its shared responsibility. Join us for an engaging conversation with Stuart Heller as we explore the importance of biosecurity in poultry production and uncover key takeaways to fuel the future of disease prevention in the industry.