Innovation in Safety & Health Honored at 2024 IPPE: Four Poultry Facilities Receive Prestigious Awards


The 2024 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) witnessed the recognition of excellence in safety and health innovation as the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council presented the prestigious Frank Cruice Innovation in Safety & Health Award to four outstanding poultry facilities.

Acknowledging remarkable strides in operational excellence in safety or health innovation, these facilities were lauded for their commitment to advancing industry standards. The awards were divided into two categories, distinguishing between process-based innovation and equipment-based innovation, with a distinguished panel of judges determining the winners in each.

Adrienne Allison, the director of safety & health services for poultry operations at Tyson Foods and chair of the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council, expressed enthusiasm for the commitment demonstrated by these companies. She stated, “It is always encouraging to see companies implementing new and innovative programs to promote safety in their facilities, and we are very pleased to recognize these four companies for their efforts.”

The recipients of the Frank Cruice Innovation in Safety & Health Award include:

  1. Darling Ingredients, Enterprise Wide
  2. Tyson Foods, Grannis, Ark., Processing Plant
  3. Farbest Foods, Huntingburg, Ind., Processing Plant
  4. Peco Foods, Pocahontas, Ark., Processing Plant

Two additional companies earned recognition as runners-up for the 2024 award. The award, named in honor of Frank Cruice, a retired senior director of corporate safety and security for Perdue, pays tribute to his longstanding contributions to the Joint Industry Safety and Health Council.

Companies submitted award applications in various industry categories, encompassing Poultry Processing, Poultry & Egg Production, Animal Feed Manufacturing, Animal Support Services, and Rendering.

The Joint Industry Safety and Health Council is comprised of members from the US Poultry & Egg Association, the National Chicken Council, and the National Turkey Federation. Collectively, these organizations represent companies responsible for producing 95% of all US poultry products and employing over 350,000 workers. The awards underscore the industry’s dedication to fostering innovation and ensuring the highest safety and health standards across poultry facilities.