LaBelle Patrimoine Poultry Receives USDA Approval for ‘Regeneratively Raised’ Label: Pioneering Sustainable Practices


LaBelle Patrimoine, producer of air-chilled heritage chicken, has announced USDA approval for their ‘regeneratively raised’ claim, marking a significant milestone in sustainable farming practices.

Founder and CEO Mike Charles expressed pride in the USDA’s recognition, emphasizing LaBelle Patrimoine’s enduring commitment to environmentally friendly agriculture. “Our ethos of responsible farming has been integral to our operations,” he stated, “and this official acknowledgment underscores our dedication to sustainable practices.”

LaBelle Patrimoine’s poultry products hold certifications from the Global Animal Partnership’s Better Chicken Project and the Better Chicken Commitment, further demonstrating their unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability.

Brittany Smith, agriculture projects manager for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, praised LaBelle Patrimoine’s regenerative practices as exemplary, noting their positive impact on environmental stewardship in the Lancaster County community and beyond.

Regenerative agriculture practices employed by LaBelle Patrimoine include soil health management and pasture maintenance techniques such as no-till/minimum-till paddocks. Additionally, the company utilizes natural poultry manure and pasture grazing to enhance soil fertility.

Water management is a key focus, with LaBelle Patrimoine implementing meter systems to ensure optimal hydration levels while minimizing environmental impact. Their pasture management strategies reduce wastewater and promote clean water filtration and biodiversity.

Furthermore, LaBelle Patrimoine invests in planting various grasses, trees, and native plants to enhance biodiversity and protect their poultry from environmental factors and predators. They also prioritize reducing carbon emissions by sourcing local supplies, using fuel-efficient vehicles, and utilizing solar energy.

LaBelle Patrimoine’s commitment to sustainability has earned them recognition as the inaugural supplier of heritage chickens at Whole Foods Market under the GAP’s Better Chicken Project. In 2023, they were honored as Whole Foods Market’s All-Star Supplier of the Year, highlighting their dedication to excellence and sustainability.

Mike Charles expressed gratitude for the award, attributing their success to a collaborative effort with Whole Foods Market and the steadfast support of the local agricultural community. He affirmed their ongoing commitment to serving customers, community, and the environment while continuing to grow alongside Whole Foods Market.