MSU Extension launches self-paced certification course for small scale chicken farmers


Owning chickens has become a popular past time in recent years. People who live in rural areas, subdivisions and cities are raising birds to have fresh eggs for their families. Michigan State University Extension is happy to announce the release of a self-paced online course, Small Scale Poultry Farming. This course will help people who are thinking about getting chickens for the first time and those who are new to raising chickens learn about scientific management practices that apply when raising one bird or a million birds.

This course will teach a host of basic management concepts such as bird selection and care, anatomy and physiology, flock health and biosecurity, and how to market chicken products. Participants will earn online badges to recognize their completion of each unit and digital badges can be shared through LinkedIn or other online platforms. Once participants have completed the course, they will receive a certificate of completion.

This course is a great way to learn information that will prepare small scale and backyard chicken owners for a successful and enjoyable experience!

Source: Michigan State University