Poultry processing facility fined $22,000 for Environmental Protection Act violations


onvicted – Laplante Poultry Farms Ltd.

Court Location – Cornwall

Description of Offences – The convictions are for failing to comply with the conditions of two Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECAs).

Date of Offences – During the period beginning on or about December 17, 2020, and ending on or about March 27, 2023.

Date of Convictions – October 24, 2023

Penalty Imposed – Laplante Poultry Farms Ltd. was convicted of four violations (counts) under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA), fined $22,000 plus a victim fine surcharge of $5,500, and given six months to pay.

Background –

  • Laplante Poultry Farms Ltd. is a year-round poultry processing facility located in Monkland, Ontario. The facility accepts live birds and transforms them into products ready to be sold at grocery stores and markets.
  • The facility is regulated by two ECAs for sewage and noise emissions.
  • Since the facility underwent expansion in 2015, it has been the cause of significant offsite impacts to neighbours. The ministry has received numerous public complaints pertaining to night-time noise from trucks at the facility and steady generator noise. Further, the ministry has received numerous odour-related complaints in which the odour was typically described as a rotten meat or sewage smell. Neighbours have complained of being unable to be outside or leave windows open due to both the noise and odours.
  • The facility has failed to comply with the conditions of the ECAs by failing to complete the following:
    • Monitor and record the parameters of the biofilters for the wastewater treatment system;
    • Fully implement noise control measures for the on-site generators;
    • Submit an operation manual prepared by a qualified engineer for the on-site sewage works by the required deadline; and
    • Perform emissions source testing on the biofilters by the required deadline.
  • The ministry’s Environmental Investigations and Enforcement Branch investigated and laid charges which resulted in the convictions.

Source: Government of Ontario Newsroom